10 Jul 2012
Posted By: Richard Hunter

Olympic fever is starting to mount. The London Retail Consortium is projecting an increase of £521 million in retail sales during the games. So we’ve spoken to London butcher, Gary Chadwick, to ask how his business will be affected by the 2012 Olympic Games.

Chadwicks Butchers is based in Balham High Road in South London. The company has a lively retail trade, restaurant customers and an online shop. The British food campaign won’t change Chadwicks’s business model though. They only sell British meat, some of which is organically-reared. Gary Chadwick is expecting to see an increase in sales during the Olympics, particularly in his BBQ meat packs range. If the weather holds, he expects a surge in the number of barbeques as friends gather to watch the major events.

As well as planning for increased sales, Chadwicks will also have to take the logistics of running their business into account during the London Olympics. Deliveries to the shop and to Chadwicks’ customers will need careful scheduling to ensure they meet the rules set by TFL (Transport for London). Restaurant customers will take deliveries in the evening and Chadwicks’ staff are gearing themselves up for early morning deliveries, particularly those routes involving travel across London. Tadmarton’s own brand beef is a popular choice with Chadwicks. Every Friday the butcher holds a ‘steak night’ promotion, selling two steaks for £10. The quality and affordability of the TP Red Tractor products allow him to pass on the savings to his customers.

Clearly a gold medal performance from British meat!

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