Delikatesy Smaczek


Meat the Customer

Established in March 2008 by Tadeusz Buzala, the first Delikatesy Smaczek store was opened in Slough.
This quality delicatessen specialising in genuine Polish food and produce, and priding themselves on excellent customer service, became such a success that a further 8 stores have been opened in the South East, Central and Midland areas.
Due to high demand further stores are planned in Leicester, Northampton, High Wycombe and London.
The relationship with Tadmarton Products began in 2015, when a demand arose for a reliable supply of fresh quality chicken. Dana Szymkowicz, Business Development Manager, worked closely with Mick Roche, Senior Area Sales Manager for Tadmarton Products to put a plan in place for deliveries to all the stores to ensure product is in place to cover customer demand for a superior but cost effective range of prepared chicken cuts.
Dana said “The service we receive from Tadmarton Products is excellent, very responsive and professional. A great team we can rely on. We are looking forward to all our expansion plans and know we can rely on TP to continue to deliver to our exacting standards.”
The Smaczek stores are not only popular with the Polish community, but have bridged the culture gap and are becoming more and more popular with other nationalities. The company are keen to be fully integrated into the local community and sponsor the local football team and other cultural events.

We can rely on TP to continue to deliver to our exacting standards

Dana Szymkowicz
Delikatesy Smaczek, Slough