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Fresh product available within the Game Season. We have reviewed our range of Game products and developed an enviable range of quality suppliers all over the UK. These are our best sellers.

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Product Section Subsection Origin Approx Per Case
Product Section Subsection Origin Approx Per Case
Creedy Carver Free Range Duck 2, 2.5, 3kg Duck Fresh UK 4-6
Gressingham 8oz Duck Breasts Duck Fresh UK 24
Gressingham Duck 1.9 - 2.5kg Duck Fresh UK 2/4
Gressingham Duck Legs Duck Fresh UK 30
Duck Liver Duck Frozen UK 5kg
French Barbary Duck Legs 300 - 400g Duck Frozen FR 5kg
French Barbury Duck Breasts 8 - 10oz Duck Frozen FR 5kg
Gressingham Duck 1.7 - 2.7kg Duck Frozen UK 2/4
Gressingham Duck Breasts 7oz - 9oz Duck Frozen UK 25 x 2
Gressingham Duck Legs Duck Frozen UK 25 x 2
Manor Farm Ducks 1.4 - 2.8kg Duck Frozen UK 6
Smoked Duck Breasts Duck Frozen UK 48
Diced Game Mix Game Birds UK 10kg
Gressingham Guinea Fowl Supremes Game Birds UK 32
Grouse Game Birds UK Single
Guinea Fowl Game Birds FR 8
Partridge Game Birds UK 10
Pheasant Game Birds UK 10
Pheasant Breast Game Birds UK 50
Pigeon Game Birds UK 10
Pigeon Breast Game Birds UK 50
Quail Game Birds FR 24
Wild Mallard Game Birds UK 10
Haunch Venison Fresh UK Single
Saddles Venison Fresh UK Single
Diced 10kg Venison Frozen UK 10kg
Fillet Venison Frozen UK Single 1.5-2.5kg
Haunch Venison Frozen UK Single
Saddles Venison Frozen UK Single
Steaks Venison Frozen UK 180 - 220g
Chinese Rabbits Other CN 20
This product list is a guide to our product range. Case sizes and country of origin should be confirmed at time of placing your order.

Origin Legend

UK - United Kingdom, DK - Denmark, PL - Poland, IT - Italy, EU - Europe, IE - Ireland, SC - Scotland, AU - Australia, BR - Brazil, NZ - New Zealand, ES - Spain, CN - China, FR - France, INTL - International, IMP - Imported